Aug 12, 2009

Day 1

Day 1:

I had thought that we only had to be at the hospital by 11am, but I guess there had been a change of plans. My mother had to see her surgeon before 10:30am because the liquids collecting underneath her skin was bothering her.

Things didn't go too bad at the hospital. The surgeon drained the liquids and bound her chest to prevent that from happening again. Then after talking to the oncologist for about 30 minutes, we went for lunch where I had fishball noodles (dry). Then it's back to the oncologist's for my mother's chemotherapy. Too bad I don't know much about the meds and stuff that were injected into my mom. But there were LOTS of them. and one of them would even turn her pee red for the rest of the day =\ Whilst there was another that would make her lose her hair...

I walked my sister to the busstop while my mom was doing her chemo. And also popped by the mall nearby to pick up some soymilk. 'Silk' soymilk was on sale, so I bought organic unsweetened soymilk!

The highlight of the day was when I found this organic store at the mall!! I've yet to step into the store though, as my dad messaged to tell me to get back to the hospital just as I had found it...

Got home around 3:30, and I made my mom some red dates tea, and did a round of laundry. After that, I went to work to use the internet. Because if we want to use the internet at home, we have to sign up for it, and pay for each day that we use. I didn't bother messaging my supervisor earlier today because I thought he had said before that he wasn't going to be in. But apparently I was wrong. haha. Oh well...

My mom seemed to be fine before I left for work, but when I went home, things were quite bad. My mom was nauseous, and as time went by, she only got worse. She didn't have any dinner. And because I was so tired, all i had was a bowl of rice porride (with ginko nuts, goji berries, and 2 teaspoons of PB) which my dad had made the day before.

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