Aug 14, 2009

Day 3

My initial plan was to make honey-glazed carrots, baked tofu and rice for dinner.
But chemotherapy screws one's tastebuds up. and everything tasted sweet to my mom. For some people, it also makes you crave for certain foods. Like my mom has said "it's like I'm pregnant again!".
Anyhow, she wanted zucchini and onions for dinner. She was hungry. We had no zucchini in the house!! I had to run down to the supermarket, pick up zucchini, and then run back home. Which was great because ever since my mom's operation, I have not had the time to exercise outdoors as she required someone to be around her 24/7.
I've also realized that she now hates the smell of fried onions! But, she liked her dinner anyway and finished everything in the bowl! The first time ever since her chemo!
2 large zucchini (cut into large bite-zixed pieces)+ 1 onion (sliced thinly)+ <1 tbsp of oil+ >1 tspn of soy sauce+ a few drops of sesame oil added right at the end makes it smell really good!! Could have used less oil though. It was a little greasy when eaten without rice.
I decided to treat myself to some vegetarian pad thai at work. Wished they gave me more tofu though..i really do love tofu =p

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