Aug 19, 2009

Days 7 & 8

Mom's been doing awesome these 2 days! The side effects from the first round of chemo are finally wearing off. On both days, she asked for second helpings during dinner =D She no longer sounds or looks half-dead. And I think we can finally play scrabble as a family once again! =D

Yes, we play scrabble together quite often. It's my family's fav board game. Plus, we now have a new board that's more solid and has raised grids so the tiles won't 'run' all over the place!

My sister had a day off work, so she did lunch and dinner on Monday! It was a very welcomed break for me to not have to head straight to the kitchen to fix my mom's dinner the minute i get home. Because she still has not gotten me a birthday gift this year, she's promised to get me a camera =D There are some very picture worthy things that I encounter =p Sometimes I'm really glad my dad moved to this place...but that's another story all together.

i've also learnt that 1 tbsp of soy sauce + a few drops of cognac + a couple pinches of sugar make for a good marinade/sauce. heehee. =p

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