Aug 17, 2009

Days 4,5, & 6

No internet over the weekend at home...(though I did manage to steal a neighbour's for a few minutes every once in a while =p )

It has been extremely exhausting. We don't get to sleep till past 12 each night, and my dad and I wake up by 7 each morning. In between, we have to cook, clean, buy groceries, 'entertain' my mom. It just doesn't seem like much when I list it down. But it takes up every single minute of the day.

I did though go out with some friends on Friday night. The first time since my mom's operation almost a month ago. I had a very enjoyable 'breakfast' for dinner. 2 slices of toast, a salad, and 2 sunny side ups. and after that, I had this enormous slice of carrot cake. SO GOOD!

Inspired by this post, I made a root veggie coconut/soy milk stew for Saturday's lunch. Because I can get freshly grated coconut at the market, I used those and squeezed my own coconut milk. =) The root veggies I added were carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. I liked the pumpkins best in the stew, and should I make this again (which I definitely would!), I'll make it with just pumpkin!

It's so insanely easy! just dice up the veggies, cook them in a pan with some water until it's half-done. add in the coconut milk and cook until it boils. Add the soy milk heat until it boils and the veggies are done.

My mom can't have coconut milk, so she didn't get to try any...She's been wanting to eat salty foods these days. It's a little scary how salty she wants her food to be. Though according to my dad, it's salty to us because we don't usually add salt to anything. All I hope is that it won't give my mom further health complications. Last night for dinner though, we boiled up some watercress, and my mom ate lots of it. I'm definitely going to be buying those again since my mom likes them!


Claire said...

I said a prayer for you & your mom today =)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. Cancer sucks. It runs in my family like the plague. My grandmother has had it three times, my birth mother once and I did once 5 years ago. Ugh. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Krys and the boys

liz; said...

My prayers are with you, your mum, and the rest of your family. I admire your strength and support you're giving your mum so much. Seriously - you're an incredible person.

Also, I love breakfast for dinner :)
And, I may have to try that pumpkin/coconut combo.